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What is Denk Development?

Denk Development is a German hardware and software development company, operated by me, Timo Denk. It is my secondary employment and was founded in June 2016 because many people were requesting critical support for their projects. Since then I have completed over 50 projects successfully.


Web · Python · Java


Arduino · AVR · ESP32

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Some Example Projects

This blog post contains a selection of five projects that were completed successfully in the past. Below are some simplified dialoges which you might have with Denk Development:

Customer: I need to log some sensor data to an SD card with time and date.

Do you have the data format / what is the protocol?

Customer: It is an I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) sensor.

The systems needs an additional real-time module to provide time and date. I could do that in 3 hours.

Customer: Thanks! Here is the sensor name.

Customer: Can you write a small website that has a contact form?

Yes, I can do that with a PHP backend.

Customer: Perfect, how will it work?

If you want plain text emails, I would send them with the PHP mail() function. For HTML formatted emails, PHPMailer is a good choice.

Customer: Okay, sounds good, please get started.

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Get in Touch

Got a development task or just a question?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range? Anything from €25 to €1.000 is well within range.

How long does it take? Depends on the project: 1 to 5 hour projects are usually rushed on the upcoming Saturday. Bigger tasks may last a few weeks.

How does software exchange work? Because many projects involve multiple testing cycles, code is generally exchanged via GitHub.

How does hardware exchange work? Simply sending packets.

Your questions is not listed? Ask us!