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What is Denk Development?

Denk Development is a Zurich-based hardware and software development company, operated by me, Timo. I founded the company during the time I graduated from high school (in June 2016) because I started to receive requests for support with projects frequently. For five years I ran DenkDev as a secondary employment and have completed over 50 projects successfully.

In mid 2021 I started working for Google and decided to turn the company into a pro bono effort with which I support projects entirely free of charge. People seeking for support are invited to apply with their projects on this website and I choose depending on how interesting/challenging and meaninful the projects seem to me personally.

My motivation for running DenkDev in the pro bono mode is the following: I to get to work on projects ouside of the scope of my normal day-to-day work. That involves getting to know people who come from vastly different backgrounds. Pulling the monetary aspect entirely out of the customer relationship makes it more enjoyable.


Web · Python · Java


Arduino · AVR · ESP32

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Some Example Projects

You are invited to take a look at this blog post listing a selection of five past DenkDev projects that were completed successfully.

Generally speaking, collaborations should typically have the following properties: (1) Be limited in their scope. (2) Be technically interesting. (3) Not have a conflict of interest with my main job at Google.

Below are some simplified dialoges which you might have with Denk Development:

Customer: I need to log some sensor data to an SD card with time and date.

Do you have the data format / what is the protocol?

Customer: It is an I²C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) sensor.

The systems needs an additional real-time module to provide time and date. I could do that in 3 hours.

Customer: Thanks! Here is the sensor name.

Customer: Can you write a small website that has a contact form?

Yes, I can do that with a PHP backend.

Customer: Perfect, how will it work?

If you want plain text emails, I would send them with the PHP mail() function. For HTML formatted emails, PHPMailer is a good choice.

Customer: Okay, sounds good, please get started.

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Get in Touch

Got a project request or just a question?

Please use this Google Form for project requests and development@timodenk.com for everything else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you work for free? I enjoy being exposed to diverse areas of technology. By working for free I receive many project requests and get to choose what to spend time based on my excitement.

Which projects do you work on? Whether I pick a project depends first and foremost on my current (strongly varying) availability. Beyond that it matters how challenging and interesting the project is to me personally as well as whether I feel like I can help effectively.

How does software exchange work? Because many projects involve multiple testing cycles, code is generally exchanged via GitHub.

How does hardware exchange work? Simply sending packets.

Your questions is not listed? Ask here!